Triopetra, Rethymno, Crete

In the enchanting location of Triopetra, just one hour away from Rethymno and about 90 minutes away from the airports (and ports) of Chania & Heraklion, villas “Zoe & Mariva” are waiting for you. They can be used as a hosting base for a variety of physical activities such as swimming, fishing, diving, boating, horseback riding, walking, running, safari, yoga or even golf!

The villas are located in an authentic and privileged spot with panoramic views of the Libyan Sea and the wild natural beauty of southern Crete. Enjoy the wonderful view of the mountain or the sea, day & night!

Enjoy your vacation in Triopetra, watching the enchanting sunset and the twinkling of the stars in the crystal-clear waters of the Libyan Sea.

Triopetra is an exotic beach, of unique natural beauty and many claim that it is one of the best beaches in Greece, with green-blue waters, rocky caves, and sandy coast.

The homonymous place is a historical settlement, created in the early 1000s AD, during the heyday of the Byzantine Empire. But her story did not stop there. The Venetians, the Turks, the Germans passed by, and they all left their mark. Thus, in the area there are many historical and religious monuments, such as churches, monasteries, Venetian towers and other monuments, which mark the historicity of the place.

Within a short distance from the villas there are a mini market and various taverns with fresh fish and a wide variety of Cretan cuisine. Also, in just 10-20’ by car, you can reach the villages of Akoumia, Plakias, Spili, Agios Pavlos, Agia Galini, Tympaki, which have shops, markets, bakeries, butcher shops, banks & ATMs, dentist, health center, and of course taverns, coffee shops, and depending on the season, fairs and festivals.

However, if you prefer to stay in the accommodation, there is always the possibility of food (fresh fish, meat or vegetables depending on your preferences) and any kind of grocery product delivery (self market) after ordering.

Magnificent beaches in Crete

They say that the blue-green seas of Crete are like raki. You can find them everywhere and enjoy them. This is one of the main reasons you will visit them again. In southern Rethymno, you will find different beaches, but all with one thing in common: Their quaintness and genuine beauty will not disappoint you. Because these beaches will make you feel like you are in a tropical place. The palm trees and the rocks that end up in the sea offer coolness, a shade to rest and the necessary tropical vibes. Rocky beaches that challenge you to discover their wild beauty. Whatever experience you seek, you will find it there.

One of them, Triopetra, is located at the foot of Mount Siderota, about 52 km south of  Rethymnon  and 13 km southeast of the village of Akoumia. It can be reached by car, via an asphalt road from Akoumia (or from Sachtouria). It is located in the central part of the large coastal front that the locals call Akoumiani Gialia, as the area of Triopetra belongs to the periphery of Akoumia village.

The main beach of Triopetra, Megali Triopetra or “in Hatzis”;, takes its form on the west side of the three imposing rocks, from which the area takes its name, which extends west for about two kilometers, and next to the three rocks a large cave is formed in Δ-shape, where you can find shade. It has coarse sand and wonderful deep waters and is organized with taverns and umbrellas. This beach can never look crowded even if far too many people visit it. If you take the road southwest of Megali Triopetra, you will pass the village of Kerame and you will end up at the wonderful Ligres beach.

If you are in a mood for a longer route, you can continue for the magical Preveli with its unique lake and amazing natural beauty. If you get there, it would be unfair for you not to end up in the cosmopolitan Plakias.

Mikri Triopetra or “Koumanto”, takes its form on the southeast side of the three rocks, in a closed bay with sand, organized with taverns and umbrellas. South of the beach there is a small port and a little further flows Akoumianos River, which separates Triopetra from the unique Dunes of Agios Pavlos.

The beach of Agios Pavlos, offers visitors a unique experience of swimming near a sandy beach, hidden in one of the deserted inlets, formed by the rocks and dunes. There, besides the wonderful view of the sea, they will find taverns with traditional delicacies and umbrellas to enjoy their swim.

If they follow the opposite path from the one going to Agios Pavlos, and they head towards the traditional village of Saktouria, after passing by the village, they will reach, in about fifteen minutes, Agia Galini, where they can find taverns, markets, pharmacy, bakery, pub, coffee shop, horseback riding, golf and generally anything they need…